Terms and conditions

Restrictions of Minors

It is against the law for those under the age of 18 to gamble, and our platform takes its responsibility to prevent underage gambling very seriously.

Players who are below the age of 18 are prohibited from gambling.

We have measures to refuse under-age betting. Each person who wants to sign up for a new account at our platform must tick the box ensuring they are over 18 years old. The registration will be rejected if they do not tick the box.

Each person should fill in detailed personal information including name, date of birth, address to make sure that the person is over 18 years.

The payment services of our platform are based on mobile money. Players have to be aged 18 or above to register such services and they must have a valid national ID card.

Other suggestions in order to avoid having minors from gambling at our platform:
a) Do not share details such as: username, password, among other sensitive information.
b) Lock your computer with a password if you are using a public or shared computer.
c) Enlighten your kids on any potential risks concerning gambling.

Use Websites Filtering software. There are a number of third party applications that you can use in order to monitor or restrict access to the internet:
a) Net Nanny ( a general blocking software that protects children from accessing inappropriate web content. Also available for iOS and Android devices.
b) CYBERsitter ( a filtering software which allows parents to choose which websites to block.
c) GamBlock ( a specific blocking software for gambling websites. Also available for Android devices.