Terms and conditions


These terms and conditions are the legal background governing the relationship between Oysterbay Lotto trading as Powerbets and you, our customers. These terms and conditions apply to all of our products, services and online betting facilities on offer.

Although Oysterbay Lotto and its proprietors make every effort to keep information hosted on the website accurate and current as well as endeavouring to ensure that the same comply with the gambling guidelines and legislation, we cannot be held responsible for:
• Liability for any damages
• Gambling addictions
• Side effects
• Adverse effects
• Medical complications
• Injury
• Death arising from the use of any information available on its website.

By making use of any information contained on the website the player or user warrants that he or she is old than 18 years. Any person who is 18 years or older can operate online sports betting account. Proof of identity, age and residency is required prior to the opening of any account.

In order to ensure that our platform is in a financial position to fulfil all of its betting obligations and our platform has lodged financial guarantees with the Gambling Board and/or appropriate authorities to satisfy such requirement.

It is compulsory that your full names, residential address and contact details are obtained by Powerbets in order to comply with the requirements of the Gambling Board and/or other authorities in your jurisdiction.

By using the online sports betting facilities on the Powerbets website, or the tele-betting service that is offered by Powerbets, you acknowledge there is a risk of losing money and you accept full responsibility for any such loss.

You acknowledge and agree that your access to and use of the products and betting facilities offered by the website and/or the use of the Powerbets betting facilities service, on the tele-betting service that is offered by Powerbets, is as your sole option, discretion and risk.

Under no circumstances will Powerbets be liable to you in contract, breach of statutory duty or otherwise under or in connection with these terms, your use of, or inability to use, the website or the betting facilities service, or other products or services, any of our chat rooms or any online sports betting software, materials or other information on our website, or any goods materials or services available in relation to those services on offer.

Any injury, loss, claim, loss of profits, opportunity or revenue, loss of business or agreements, loss of goodwill, loss of use or corruption of software, loss or corruption of data or loss of anticipated savings shall not give rise to any claim/s against Powerbets.

By making use of the services on offer by Powerbets you indemnify Powerbets against any general damages or any direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential, exemplary or punitive damages of any kind.

You specific acknowledge, agree and accept that Powerbets is not liable for the following :
• The accuracy, completeness or currency of any information services provided including without limitation, prices, times, results or general statistics or any live scores, statistics and intermediate results shown on the Powerbets website.
• Acts or omissions by a third party whom you have authorised to gain access to the Powerbets online sports betting website on your behalf shall be your indemnities hereinbefore set forth.

By making use of any of the facilities on offer by Powerbets you hold Powerbets harmless against any IT failures which are caused by the hardware or software equipment which you make use of to gain access to the Powerbets online sports betting website.

Any defamatory, offensive or illegal conduct of any customer or third party shall not be entertained by Powerbets and you similarly by subscribing to any such service indemnify Powerbets against any claim that might be made arising out of such conduct.

You indemnify Powerbets against any loss, including loss of winnings, incurred in sending of information to our website by you or by a third party acting on your behalf.

Powerbets shall not be held liable for any technical failures, system breakdowns, defects, delays, interruptions, manipulated or improper data transmission, loss or corruption of data, communications lines failure, distributed denial of service attacks, or bugs or viruses or any other adverse technological consequence to betting facilities on the Powerbets website.

Powerbets reserves the right to close any account, whether it be a result of more than one account opened by you, or malicious use and bet placement on your behalf. Powerbets also reserves the right to refuse any pending bet it find malicious.

You hereby acknowledge and agree that all trade marks, logos, domain names, data-base rights and all related software, including content published or used on it remains the property of the platform.

These terms and conditions that relate to the online sports betting facilities on offer by our platform can be accessed on the website and are binding on each type of sport that you are able to bet on which is capable of being accessed on the website.

Once your deposit has been made, the entire deposit amount at least roll one(1)time before you can withdraw.

Send Money
a) 'Send Money' is an inter-agent money transferring platform hosted by our platform. By using this platform you agree to be part of the ‘Send Money’ agent network and are bound by the terms and conditions listed below.
b) Before an agent is able to make a transfer using the Send Money feature, they will be required to enter KYC (know your customer) details to verify who the agent is and register their details to their account. These details may include; but are not limited to; full name, date of birth, identity number or another unique identifier, and physical address.
c) 'Send Money' agents will only be able to transfer winnings from bets won from their account to our platform customer’s account in the form of money.
d) Money transferred from one agent to another will act as withdrawal from the sending agent’s account and deposit in the receiving customer’s account. Received money will therefore need to be used to place bets and the receiving customer will need to fill in KYC details before the money can be withdrawn.
e) All money received from another agent will not contribute to or be subject to any deposit based bonus campaign that Powerbets has available on the site.
f) Our platform will not be held liable in anyway for any lost funds/airtime or funds/airtime sent to incorrect account details. It is up to the sending agent to verify that the account details are correct before transferring money/airtime. Our platform reserves the right to not be required to perform refunds on funds transferred through this system.
g) If our platform suspects that transactions are fraudulent, or that the transfers do not meet the legislative requirements in our platform, Our platform reserves the right to freeze or withhold funds until a forensic audit has taken place. The agent’s account may also be frozen whilst the forensic audit is being conducted.

By registering an account in our platform that you agree to receive marketing and product related messages from the platform. To opt-out of these SMS's, customers will need to send a request to with their account ID. Opt-outs can take up to 24 hours to reflect.

If through our internal analysis and investigation we observe a suspicious bet patterns or characteristics, with the intention of making a profit or use of bonus materials; of which the suspicious activities include the following: the same event, handicap, options, and not limited to the same type of bet for one or more accounts. We reserve the right to cancel all funds and bonuses in the account, permanently terminate bonuses and offers as well as close the account.